Statements (EN)

  • Good evening Community,

    In the meantime, we are approaching the end of November and the topic "event phase" has come up occasionally, and probably some people are wondering, what about the promotion? I'd like to keep you updated on the current state of things and try to keep you informed as well as possible about these two topics.

    First, topic "Event phase". What does that mean? What can you expect as a community? Event and Promotion Manager Smacks has created an event calendar. This calendar runs from the first of December to the end of December. We're busy filling the calendar with fun and different kinds of events to make it as fun as possible for you during this festive month. I can not say exactly which events will take place on which day, but you can count on us that we will prepare something nice for you. Specific information will follow as soon as it’s about to start.

    Now let’s talk about promotion. During the event phase, we’ll be active with making promotion for Aloria too. We've been working to get a decent number of promoters. Part of them will be active on Twitch, and another part on Youtube, Mixer, and more. In addition, we will also be active in Elitepvpers and other forums.

    Suggestions for Improvement

    We've told you from the beginning to post suggestions for improving Aloria on our Discord, and this has been done frequently. Thank you for that. Our goal is to make the server as great as possible for the community. Therefore, it is automatically our task to read your suggestions and if possible implement them.

    Here is a list of your suggestions. A green status means: accepted. A yellow status means: doubt or accepted but will come later. A red status means: Rejected. If there is no status in one of the suggestions, we have not yet decided whether to accept or reject it.

    Is your suggestion not included? Then it was rejected and removed from the list or not registered. But do you think that a suggestion that was not accepted / registered should really be accepted? Please post it again in the "Feedback and Suggestions" channel in Discord and explain why this suggestion is so important.…u1XFYM3A/edit?usp=sharing



  • Good evening community,

    We are already 14 December and have thus reached the middle of our event calendar. We sincerely hope that the rest of the events will also bring you a lot of joy and fun. Time flies, so it's time to make a statement about the state of Aloria so that you are up-to-date again.

    I hope you like all the events because of course that's the most important thing. Keep an eye on our calendar so that you always know which events take place on which day. There are still many fun events waiting for you, such as the socks event and the winter wonderland event.


    About Promotion. We currently have 11 promoters at our side. Together we take care of daily streaming on Twitch and we also do promotion for Aloria on YouTube and Instagram. We see a clear, positive difference in the number of players and that means that everything is moving in the right direction. Of course, keep an eye on the #promotion channel so that you can also see the increase in website visits. We welcome several new players every day and hope that we can welcome more players in the future. Over time we will add the Turkish language to the game and from that moment on there will be a lot of promotion from Turkish promoters. But at this moment too!

    To help us with the promotion, we ask you to post a message with your honest (constructive) opinion in our topic on ElitePvpers.…ational-01-11-2019-a.html

    In addition, it is always useful to vote for Aloria, and we ask you to leave a rating + comment on the vote page with your honest opinion. Thanks in advance!

    SUP? What does that mean?

    Then I would like to draw your attention to the following: From now on you can find IG players and Discord users with the rank "Supporter" (Ingame: [SUP]). What does that mean exactly?

    A supporter ([SUP]) is a player who wants to accompany the community in addition to playing by answering questions from players. A SUP is a normal player who, like any other player, participates in the game as usual without any additional rights. Our supporters are not part of the team, they are independent of it and participate in the community. They can be recognized on their [SUP] tag and are displayed in the staff list so that they are easy to find. Supporters have no IG/DC rights and therefore no obligations and no responsibilities. They are only a point of contact for questions about the game and to accompany the players on their adventure while they are playing the game themselves.

    That’s it for now. Enjoy the weekend and have fun on Aloria!



  • Christmas time is here. Remember that we as a team are also just people with family and friends, and we want to spend these festive days with them too. We are less active this week.

    On behalf of the entire Aloria team, I wish you a Merry Christmas!


  • Hello Aloria community,

    Today we want to talk to you, the last remaining players here on the server, openly about some important things. Although there probably aren’t that much English speaking users on our Discord or Board, I still want you to be informed.

    1. The start of Aloria

    As many of the older users know, we had a very difficult start with Aloria. The website was completely out of action for the first 3 days, which is why extremely few players were able to register at the start of the server. We even created accounts manually to pick up as many players as possible. After working through the weekend of the server start, we were able to put a new website online.

    But the starting problems don't stop there.

    The next big problem was the login server. This crashed at regular intervals and could not even be restarted manually. As a result, we lost an additional amount of players as we were unable to get this problem under control. We still suspect that this was either caused by an error in the registration script or by an error when manually creating the accounts. We have observed many accounts and have found that these problems with the login server no longer occurred when these players stopped logging in at all.

    2. Bugs and general game errors

    Aloria had a beta phase in which we were able to test a lot and solve some important bugs before the start, but I am very disappointed with every beta participant, because there were so many more bugs that must have been seen, but haven’t been reported at all. Here we do not give the blame to ourselves and say "We would have had to work harder before the start to fix these errors" but these errors were simply not reported to us. Therefore we could not solve these problems beforehand. We tried to fix all important bugs that were reported to us before starting the server. Of course, due to time pressure, we did not get every bug fixed until the start.

    Throughout the first month of the server, we were actually just trying to fix bugs and reimburse players for lost items. This wasted us an enormous amount of time and limited the overall development of the project. We not only had the problem that we had to take care of the above-mentioned things, but also our developer, who previously worked hand in hand with us - dropped us. In such a critical time, finding a new and trustworthy developer who is ready to work on our side and always does his job and is reliable is almost impossible. Therefore, further development work has always dragged a lot, since I made all other changes that have happened since the server started. As a server admin, I also have to deal with many other important topics, such as looking after the team (keeping motivation up), finding and looking after promoters (unfortunately, our promotion manager did not do the work that we expected him to do) and of course the planning and conception of patches and the planning and execution of all events that took place in December.

    3. The event month December

    Over the event month of December, we put a lot of effort into it and organized some, we thought, great events. During this period we were able to double the number of players again. But what does that mean? To speak frankly with you: At the beginning of December we only had a regular player base of 200 active users over 24 hours. These are numbers where a server normally should have been shut down allready, since it is simply no longer worth it for anyone. Neither for the owners of the project, who can generate no income with it, nor for gamers, because there is simply no longer a real market and the fun is quickly lost without competition on farm maps or in PvP. At the end of December we were back with 450 players who visited the project every day and it looked like we could possibly maintain this level and continue to build the community. However, this was not successful and we are now stuck with about 250 players over 24 hours. Of course, we are also at fault here, because in December we thought that we could keep the players through many events and therefore did not focus on patches and gave ourselves a break.

    From an economic perspective, we are no longer profitable and would have to pay all further costs for the server, website and, above all, the most expensive costs -> developers all out of our own pockets. This is not our intention and it is simply not possible for us at the moment.

    4. What is the next step?

    We thought about that for a long time. Simply going and opening a second server was not an option for me. I stand and fall together with my project. We therefore decided to restart the server with all of the numerous changes it has received since it was started.

    It may sound a bit drastic, but we just don't see any other options. The Metin2 business is unfortunately very short-lived, which unfortunately also has to do with the community. Servers are played for only a week and the next hype is jumped on again. Perhaps the Officials have generated their players by opening 50 servers - who knows.

    However, it is clear to us that without a reset there will be no future for Aloria. And that's sad, but we have to go through that. Before somebody comes and says "You're only doing a reset because of the money anyway" - that's true too. And I don't deny that either. You can't run a server as a hobby - it just doesn't work that way. In order to really operate a server properly, you have to put a lot of money, time and nerves into such a project and for that, we need donations.

    5. How will it go?

    It is planned that you will receive this message today on Friday, January 10th, 2020. The server will be shut down on Sunday, January 12th, 2020 at 6 p.m. We will implement all planned changes that should have come by Sunday in the live server and add a few more changes until the restart that we could not have brought. We will continue to post almost every day which changes will take effect before the server starts and will let you participate in the further development.

    We are now beginning to revise and update the presentation and will post it on Friday, January 17th, 2020 on Elitepvpers. For the start date we chose January 31st, 2020. For us, this is a time that is appropriate so we have enough time to prepare all the necessary things by then.

    6. What happens to my donations?

    We will replace all donations at the start. You just have to send your account ID and your transaction ID from your donation to RealBlade in Discord. We will then credit all donations at the start and you have lost nothing in that regard. It is important that you use the same account ID as before, as soon as the registration is open again and the database has been cleaned, so that we can credit the coins again without problems.

    7. Conclusion

    On behalf of the entire team, I would like to apologize to you for making this decision. However, I hope you can understand me here. By restarting, we all have advantages - especially you as our community. We think that we can get a lot of users again with a restart, since Aloria has changed a lot again in the past weeks and months. We will also try everything to solve upcoming problems faster and to bind players better. This is the first and last restart of Aloria. If we don't make it with this attempt, the Aloria project will be closed.

    However, we are looking very positively towards the future and hope for your understanding and of course hope to see many old faces again at the start.


    Blade / Aloria team

  • Hello dear community,

    You are probably waiting for a statement with more information on the subject of the presentation on epvp, and I would rather write something than this silence from our side, because that brings a lot of uncertainty. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to take any further steps to post the presentation. Aloria and the team are waiting for you, our tasks are almost done. The only thing we have to wait for is the approval of Elitepvpers so that our presentation can be posted. We hope to be able to tell you soon that the presentation has been published. Until then, we hope for your patience.


  • Hello dear community,

    Our presentation topic was rejected by the moderators on Elitepvpers. Elitepvpers is an important platform for advertising and reaching many players. The reason for this rejection is an advertising ban and the reason for this is still very unclear.

    The only way to lift this ban is to post a message in the complaint area that is addressed directly to the management of Elitepvpers. We will now write and send this message, hoping for a positive result. However, if the result is negative, we can no longer post a topic on Elitepvpers.

    In both cases, Aloria starts on 14. February - no matter what happens. In addition to Elitepvpers, we're going to post our presentation on other forums and there will be streamers active on Twitch. If you have further tips, please send them via PM.

    Team Aloria

  • Hi community,

    I would like to inform you about the current state of Aloria, starting with something very positive: We recently got the go from Elitepvpers to publish our presentation. We will post it tonight.

    In addition, of course, we also worked intensively on the server. Our team is currently trying to test as many features and systems as possible before we open the doors for you. In addition, the homepage has been revised and the design now matches Aloria's original design. Of course you can also take a look yourself: We're not done yet, so if something is missing/looks weird, we'll work on it.

    We see everything very positively and are looking forward to the start, which of course takes place on February 14th. See you soon!


  • Hey community,

    We have updated our Discord server and added several systems / bots. I will briefly explain what these systems/bots do and what they entail.

    Welcome message.

    All players who become member of our Discord from now on will receive a personal message with important information, including our Discord rules and important links.

    Discord server status.

    Above you will find the category "Discord Status" with some channels that indicate exactly how many users we have in our Discord, divided into "All Members", "Members" and "Bots".

    Choose your ranks!

    From now on it is possible to give yourself two ranks in our Discord. It's about the empire you play in and what character you chose as main. On the #choose-your-ranks channel you will see two messages that tell exactly what you need to do to assign yourself to these ranks. Users who choose Jinno are listed online in the online list under "Jinno". This also applies to Shinsoo and Chunjo.

    Aloria Giveaways

    From this moment on, we will regularly have an automated giveaway in Discord. Giveaways take place in the channel #🔥giveaways. You have to click on the automatically generated reaction (:tada:) to participate in the give-away. The giveaway has a standard time which runs automatically. During this time you can participate. When the countdown is over, the system automatically chooses the winner.

    What you can win depends on what we set for it. These can be coins, but also valuable items in Aloria, or mounts, pets and costumes. This is indicated at the giveaway.

    I wish you much success with these giveaways!

    Sincerely Gracious.

  • Hello dear community,

    Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. The day we will open the doors to the server for you.

    We will upload the client tomorrow afternoon and insert the link in Discord (#download), on our HP and here on the board. The server opens between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. (20:00/21:00) CET.

    We're looking forward to see you again IG. (And for all new Alorians, welcome.)

    Seeya tomorrow!


    Team Aloria.

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  • Our homepage is currently overloaded by the number of requests, which is due to the fact that there are a large number of people on the homepage at the same time. The homepage will slowly stabilize over time, then the itemshop and the registration will work again. :D


  • We are currently suffering from a DDOS attack , which means that the server is currently difficult or impossible to reach. We try everything possible to ensure that we can intercept the attack and bring the server back online.


  • A problem has just been encountered where items that were put in storage have disappeared after reopening the storage. I would like to ask you not to put any items in your storage and to avoid the storage completely (do not open it) until we have resolved the problem.