Forum Rules (EN)

  • Every Aloria - Forum user agrees with his registration with the following forum rules. These rules are active throughout the forum. This also includes the shoutbox. The team has the right to warn and block a user at any time if the user does not follow the forum rules. The team also has the right to change the rules at any time.

    Each user may only register one account. Multiple registrations and the use of 2 or more accounts leads to a block on all accounts. In the case that two or more users are sometimes or often on the same IP and both have an account in the forum, they must report this to the team. Non-compliance with this agreement leads to a permanent ban.

    Behaviour in our Forum:

    1. The forum language is German and English. No other language may be used in the forum, eg. For example, in news, captions, avatars, etc. Certain forum areas have limitations on the use of English or German. This is also stated there. (Please write only in German / Please write in English only)

    2. Messages containing pornography, extreme politics, or indecent immoral material is prohibited. It is also not allowed to post messages containing hacks, cracks, bots, or anything else. Discussing such topics will lead to a warning.

    3. The posting of private messages or discussions without the permission of all participants is prohibited.

    4. Posting a topic in the wrong forum section or posting a comment in a topic that has nothing to do with the theme may result in a warning.

    5. The sale of in-game accounts is not permitted in any way. (also no ratings, etc.)

    6. Spamming is not allowed in the forum except, of course, in the spam-area.

    7. Content, links, usernames, etc., which are intended solely to offend other users of the community are not allowed. The same is true of trolling: Messages that should annoy other users.

    8. Accusing other players by text, screenshots and / or videos is not allowed, except for the report area.

    9. Posting RL names, addresses or other personal information on profiles, avatars, signatures or posts is prohibited. Watch the information you share with strangers over the Web.

    10. Advertising (and / or naming) and linking (links and / or images / screenshots) for other servers are not allowed in the entire forum. (Third-party advertising)

    11. It is not allowed to post for banned persons. If this is done anyway, you will receive a warning. Sharing accounts with people who are blocked in the forum will result in your account being also blocked.

    12. The imitation of a team member (name, avatar, caption) can lead to a warning or in the extreme case to a permanent ban. This includes the use of GM, TM, CoMa (etc) tags.

    13. Abuse of the report area is prohibited.

    14. Discussing forum or server bans/warnings is not allowed in public forums. This can lead to longer bans or warnings. Discuss these issues with the Game Master who banned / warned you or contact a SGM.

    15. Messages and captions / avatars with racist content are not allowed.

    16. Any content, that is meant to be against the Project Aloria-Battle of Kingdoms, will be warned and sanctioned.

    17. A thread is closed by the team if no response has been posted within one month. Themes are then moved to the archive. If a thread needs to be reopened, this can be requested by a Game Master.

    Team and user responsibilities:

    Every forum user must follow the rules. If you feel you have received a warning incorrectly, you must first contact the team member who gave you the warning. If that does not work, contact the SGM. If that does not provide a solution, contact the Team Manager.

    If there are doubts about the interpretation of the forum rules, the Board Administrator has the final say.

    Multiple warnings can lead to a ban on the forum. Each case is considered individually. The registration of a second account after a temporary block on the forum leads to a permanent ban. In extreme cases, a user can be banned immediately without warning.

    ◆ If you have complaints about a Game Master, contact the Super Game Master.

    ◆ If the SGM can't help you, or if you have complaints about the Super Game Master, contact the Team Manager: Gracious

    ◆ By complaints about the Team Manager, go to the Community Manager: Gracious

    ◆ By complaints about the Community Manager, go to the Server Administrator: RealBlade


    Team Aloria.

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