Ingame rules (EN)

  • By creating an account at Aloria, you automatically agree to our rules and policies. The rules are active throughout the game. The team reserves the right to change, remove or add rules at any time. Errors in our rules must be reported to the team. Abuse will have consequences.

    We consider a safe and enjoyable gaming environment to be very important to our community. That's why there are some rules and guidelines for the community. Our team keeps an eye on the game to make sure that everyone complies with the agreements and we have the right to impose sanctions, including: warnings, (chat) blocks and even (permanent) exclusion from the game once these rules are being disrespected.

    ◆ 1. Prohibited Content

    This content is prohibited throughout the game. That includes: in chat, in private messages, on shop names, player names, and guild names.

    • Insulting and provocation of players or team members
    • Right-extremism
    • Violence and terror glorification
    • Racism and sexism (and vulgar behavior)
    • Pornography
    • Unrecognizable / confusing names due to series of letters/numbers
    • Names of other servers / third-party advertising
    • The use of names of team members

    ◆ 2. General rules of conduct and guidelines of Aloria

    • The official languages of Aloria are German and English. Public speaking / writing in another language is not permitted.
    • It is not permitted to offend, provoke, annoy, tremble, mock, harass, or bully other players or team members in any way. This includes constantly attacking them with your mount.
    • Private data (names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) of others may not be published.
    • Permanently harassing and intervening in the privacy (reputationharm, threats, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

    ◆ 3. Foreign programs and bugusing

    • Using any bugs in Aloria instead of reporting them to the team is severely punished.
    • The use of programs designed to simplify the gaming experience (bots / hacks) ensures permanent exclusion from the game.
    • AFK Leveling or Farming (with macros) is not allowed because for us this means you're using a bot. You have to be able to answer messages during leveling or farming.
    • If you come across someone using such programs, that person must be reported to us in the Report section of the forum.

    ◆ 4. Account trade and other in-game trading

    • It is not permitted to trade in-game accounts or trade items, equipment and such for real money or for accounts / items / equipment from another server (including official servers).
    • The team can not be held responsible for the loss of in-game items caused by these actions.

    ◆ 5. Editing / manipulation of our official Aloria client

    • Editing or manipulating the client is not allowed in any way.

    ◆ 6. Guild Wars

    • Any delays of a guild war are prohibited.
    • It is strictly forbidden to delete the guild during an ongoing guild war.
    • Intended dying to push the other guild is strictly forbidden.
    • Permanent guild wars with a second guild are prohibited and are considered as push.

    ◆ 7. Events on Aloria

    • For events it is important that the instructions of the team members are followed. This should ensure a smooth event flow for all. If you're being approached by a team member about your behavior during a running event, make sure you adjust your behavior to avoid being excluded from the event.

    ◆ 8. Account data

    • Make sure your account details on Aloria are as unique as possible. It is best if these account information is not used anywhere else.
    • The loss of items through account sharing will not be reimbursed and we as a team are not liable for it. Do not trust anyone.
    • Team members will never ask for your account details.

    ◆ 9. The Aloria team

    • You are expected to meet our team members in a friendly and respectful manner. They will be respectful to you too.
    • The team has to work according to the rules and must comply with the sanction agreements.
    • If something has happened, such as Injustice / Discrimination by a team member, you should immediately submit this to the team manager.
    • If many players are online at the same time, it may take a while for us to answer your message in the game, the forum or Discord. We ask for patience.

    ◆ 10. Our sanctions

    • Warnings: We warn someone if he (threatens) to turn against the rules. This has no effect on your playing possibilities and has no further consequences.
    • Chatblock: A chat block can be given to someone who misbehaves in the chat. The chat function will be temporarily restricted.
    • Exclusion: A player may receive a ban if there is a dermatically serious violation of our rules, that we must (temporarily) exclude him from the game. A ban can be temporary, but also permanent, depending on the severity of the rule violation.
    • In the game, in the forum but also in Discord you may not publicly discuss a warning or (chat) block.

    In the event of your account being banned, you have the right to contact the team to ask for the reason so that you can discuss if the exclusion can be undone. The team speaks in a kind and respectful manner in Discord, the forum and in-game. We expect that from you too. In the event of escalations due to unfriendly behavior, the team will leave the conversation and will not reverse your ban. Should a ban result from account sharing, so this is considered your own risk and responsibility. We will not reverse the ban.

    Team and user responsibilities:

    If you feel you have received a warning/sanction incorrectly, you must first contact the team member who gave you the warning/sanction. If that does not work, contact the SGM. If that does not provide a solution, contact the Team Manager.

    Multiple warnings can lead to a ban on our server. Each case is considered individually. In extreme cases, a user can be banned immediately without warning.

    ◆ If you have complaints about a Game Master, contact the Super Game Master.

    ◆ If the SGM can't help you, or if you have complaints about the Super Game Master, contact the Team Manager: Gracious

    ◆ By complaints about the Team Manager, go to the Community Manager: Gracious

    ◆ By complaints about the Community Manager, go to the Server Administrator: RealBlade


    Team Aloria.

    Kind regards,

    Team Aloria.